A girl at every port…

17 05 2013

So I’m home and re-ported now! The surgery went well. I was at least not awake this time. (I’ll have to share the story of getting the infected port out with no sedation next post…)
I know the staff of IR (interventional radiology) well now, thanks to a cranky old port that required quite a bit of… intervention. So I felt pretty comfortable going into it this time. After some back-and-forth with the anesthesiologist about which drugs we could and couldn’t use, we landed on a pretty simple plan.
In the freezing cold theater of IR (I came prepared this time with wool socks,) he started me with a hefty dose of fentanyl to take the edge off. It made me relaxed and friendly. We were all besties there for a few minutes, me and my anesthesiologist and nurses. I shared my hopes and dreams, funny stories, embarrassing stories, dark secrets, and promised to name my next child after them all. Then he gave me the actual anesthetic and that was that.
I woke up asking for more of it.
I remember them telling me it’s what killed Michael Jackson, see why he liked it so much, hahaha… Geez. Glad they didn’t mention that little nugget of trivia before sending it into my bloodstream.
I felt good and woozy for a whole, then the pain came, so they generously dosed me up with some toredol and morphine. After an hour or so of laying around and nibbling gluten free pretzels, I decided it was time to go. I stood up and promptly decided it was in fact not time to go.
There it was… The sea legs and double vision and nausea and floppy muscles.
I’m home now and still a bit woozy, but I’ve managed to eat something decent, but the morphine has worn off and my chest and neck hurt like a bitch. I forgot how bad this hurt the first time! It absolutely sucks folks! Good thing I have a cabinet full of narcotics, which I’ll be dipping into momentarily.
Before I go, I leave you with a treat. They removed the picc line after surgery was over (they used it during surgery instead of starting an IV.) And pulling a picc seems so closely related to extracting a giant blackhead, so Eric couldn’t resist taping it for your viewing pleasure 🙂 Click here to watch it.





One response

17 05 2013
Ruth Delores Bruno

I hope and pray you are doing well. I have to admit I never looked that good while in hospital. You are very brave. Dee Bruno

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