Coasting along.

26 07 2010

I haven’t updated in a while, so I thought I’d let you all know that I’ve worked things out. In rather unconventional ways. But worked them out nonetheless.

I’ll be having the home birth I need. As long, of course, there is no emergency situation to send me to the hospital. I am happy and calm and at peace now, and finally feel like I can focus on what comes after the birth: a baby. I finally went ahead and started a registry on amazon, which was somehow a symbol of my starting to nest. And nesting is somehow a symbol that I am feeling settled.

I have had no other problems since the sixth week of my pregnancy. I’m now 20 weeeks. I’m tired, but so is every pregnant woman. But pregnancy-tired is actually not as bad as porphyria-tired. I’m avoiding triggers, and had been continuing glucose infusions every other week. I think I’ll cut those out, though. The last infusion left me feeling nauseated and extremely fatigued. Pregnant bodies respond to glucose differently, and I think that pumping 500 grams of the stuff into my bloodstream all at once is a little much.

I had trouble putting on weight at first, but I think I’ve got about 6 orĀ  7 lbs on me now, which is SLIGHTLY below average, but not unhealthy. It’s different than with Adelaide. With her, at 20 weeks, I think I’d already found 15 lbs or so. But all pregnancies are different, just like all babies and children are different.

Little Babo is tumbling around in there more and more. I love when I finally lie down at the end of a busy and exhausting day being mommy and wife, and I can focus on Babo. I’ll place a hand on my tummy and feel the kicks and pokes and gymnastics. It’s wonderful.

I’m feeling slightly stressed about how we will fit another person into this house. It will be fine for a little while, but two bedrooms and one bathroom is going to get small real quick. It’s already small. I could really do with another bathroom, quite frankly. Sharing one with a man and a 4 year old takes all the peace out of anything that can possibly happen in a bathroom. While Babo is a baby, s/he’ll sleep in our room (we are a co-sleeping family. No cribs allowed.) But once he’s older and I’m ready to reclaim my bed space, he’ll need a bed. In a room. That Adelaide will share for a while if he’s a she, but if he’s a he, I foresee the need for another bedroom sooner rather than later. Already we are making major adjustments to her room. Babo won’t sleep in it, but all his/her stuff will. I forgot how much stuff they take. It’s little stuff, but stuff.

So that’s where things are for now. Nothing exciting on the porph front (thank goodness!) and a healthy, normal pregnancy so far.

Adelaide's shot of my belly.