Calling all vampires!

12 04 2010

I forgot to tell you all about the phlebotomy thing.

So, for whatever reason, getting the hemetin infusions, while good for controlling porph attacks, can also increase hemin levels (duh, right?) which means too much iron. High levels of iron can lead to an attack, and I was even told by my hematologist that she’d like me to stay on the “slightly anemic side.”

So, only a couple of weeks into the treatments, my iron levels were too high (of course, because it’s me, and why wouldn’t they be?) (And also, phtthtthtth to all you people who think that my being vegetarian means I’m a walking medical journal entry for anemia.)

So, when the iron is too high, the way to remedy that is to bleed me. Yep. Take the blood right outta my veins. Stick the leeches on and let ’em go.

Not really leeches.

The nurse used my port, rather than an arm vein, and was supposed to take 20 viles, but could only get to 17 because the port got all backed up with clotting blood.

And here’s what all my blood looks like.

mmmm. bloooood.

Yep. There it is. Just chillin on the table. Ready for the ol’ garbage can. Which I felt totally guilty about, by the way, since there was a patient RIGHT NEXT TO ME getting a blood transfusion. I felt so dirty, like I was burning dollar bills in front of a homeless person or something. (My nurse told me that years ago a patient who got regular phlebs would take the blood home in a plastic freezer bag and use it to fertilize his roses. But hospital regs have since changed and they won’t let me take mine home to fertilize my roses. I asked.)

Yeah, I almost fainted when it was done. Not because of the blood loss. But because of the freaking blood loss. Seeing it all just sitting there in tubes on a table…. It was so strange. Blood is life, you know? I watched it pour out of me and fill up tube after tube and I wondered if they were going to leave me with any, and I sort of symbolically felt my body collapse a little, like it was sinking in on itself. Like a beach ball with an air leak.

It’s a very surreal experience, a phlebotomy. Lucky me, I get to look forward to more!

I have to admit, it was made all the more interesting by the fact that I was, at the time, reading through the stupid Twilight series, and I couldn’t help but note all sorts of dumb irony: the timing of my decision to read my first ever vampire tale (and a lame one, at that,) having my blood sucked, having it sucked because of the disease I have, which is responsible for the myth of vampires in the first place… It’s all just stupidly too much. Seriously, I think I’m growing fangs. Right now.




One response

11 11 2010


OMG, at last I have found a fellow Porph with the same mindset. I am current TTC and would love to share some stories and shoulders with someone who gets it.

AIP diagnosed 5 years agod, recurring attacks and lots of internal damage.

Get in touch it would be great to talk


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