Dr. Porphyria Himself: Part Uno

11 11 2009

We (Eric and I) are awaiting my appointment with Dr. Mezey. He’s the Johns Hopkins miracle worker who’s supposed to change my life. So far, we’re not off to a great start.

We arrived promptly at 10:30 this morning, after a 2 hour drive from Eric’s parents’ house in Round Hill, for my 11:00 am appointment time. The receptionist looked up from her magazine long enough to ask if I had my paperwork filled out that they mailed me. “I never received any paperwork,” I told her. I showed her the only two peices of paper that cane in the mail: directions and instructions. (I later watched two other patients check in and have the same conversation.) She gave me the paperwork to fill out there, and told me if I didn’t finish before I was called back, I could finish it later. I was, in fact, able to finish it before I was called. And by 11:30 I was still waiting.

Eric walked over to the window, and after a couple of polite “ahems,” pulled her out of her magazine to ask if she could remind the doc that his 11:00 is waiting.

“No, because he doesn’t see patients until this afternoon.”


“Her appointment is at 1:00,” she said, as she skimmed a lipstick ad in the issue of Glamour or whatever that was oh-so-enthralling.

Ok. “So you didn’t think to clear that up with me when I checked in at 10:30, and wrote on the sign-in that my appointment time was 11?”


So we grabbed our stuff and headed downstairs for lunch, and I cried a little. This is the office of the doctor who’s supposed to chage my life.

By the way, we’re not at Johns Hopkins The Hospital. We’re at an annex, which also happens to be a super-posh high end shopping center with snobby eateries. Of course.

More to come after the appointment…

Eric points out the posh sandwich and soup at the posh eatery.

Eric eats his posh sandwich at the posh eatery.

I slurp posh soup at the posh eatery.

The posh indoor/outdoor shopping center with posh boutiques and eateries... and a not-so-posh gastorenterologist office. Way to find some office space, Johns Hopkins!




One response

11 11 2009
Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

I am guessing that, regardless of what emerges from Congress in the way of health care legislation, it will not even touch this sort of frustration.

May the Force be with you!

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