30 10 2009

Ladies and gentlemen,

I give you…

Purple Pee!

Number one: taken about 10 minutes after peeing. It had already darkened some, but not much. Sorry, I’d have taken an immediate picture, but was not fully prepared.

Number two: taken about 30 minutes post-pee. Getting darker. Iced tea.

Number three: about 50 minutes post-pee. Soda.

Numbers four and five: Just over an hour post-pee. This is probably about as dark as it’s gonna get today. It’s still out there, so if it gets darker, I’ll update.

Now, this is mild compared to what it was during the attack, but still. I bet YOUR pee won’t change colors! And see what I mean about it not really being purple? It’s more deep brown-red. Whatever. It’s not yellow. That’s the point.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the side show, folks. Donations can be placed in the jar.

*Disclaimer: Those of you who come to our home frequently know that we recycle glass jars by using them as drinking glasses. Don’t worry. The one used in this experiment will die its proper and due death in the recycling bin. You’ll never drink from it.




3 responses

30 10 2009
Nancy Fritts

I’m amazed while you are so sick you can still make me laugh! You have a way of stepping outside of yourself and a very serious illness and finding some dark sense of humor!! You are a real inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing!

31 10 2009

Dark sense of humor… to match my dark pee. Which is still sitting on the front porch, by the way, in case anyone wants to drive by and see it. I’m leaving it there for the trick-or-treaters. What could be scarier?

12 12 2009

Unadulterated words, some unadulterated words dude. Totally made my day!

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